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iPhone : Tri-Ced Community Recycling is one of the few nonprofit recyclers left in the Bay Area. Plastic pollution from corporations that’ve created the single use economy has created a nightmare. All this plastic is just from ONE DAY

iPhone : Alameda County Democrats just endorsed my bill AB20: to ban all candidates in CA from taking corporate money!

Thanks for being the first local Democrats to join the fight to root out corporate special interest money in our democracy #acdemmtg

iPhone : Want to learn how to get rental assistance? Im hosting a town hall on Monday 3/8 w/ SJ City Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, & Project Sentinel about funds & resources available for tenants & landlords under SB 91. Register:

iPhone : Usually one would post pictures from their watch party night but bc we were so outspent,we legit didn’t think we’d win so didn’t have one!! Goes to show the power of progressive grassroots campaigns. Next time we’ll have a proper party tho

iPhone : Today marks exactly one year since I won my first ever election!

Truly what a difference one year can hold. I’m grateful every single day to be fighting on behalf of working Californians in the State Assembly. Even more grateful for you 🥰

Twitter Web App : Glad the governor's commission confirmed what working class families already knew. Now let's act aggressively and quickly to rectify this. Our workers' lives literally depend on it…

iPhone : Right now, the 400 wealthiest Americans own more wealth than ALL Black households combined.

The ultra-millionaire tax is about economic and racial justice. It’s time for a #WealthTax.

Twitter Web App : It took a pandemic to show us that we CAN embrace 21st century technology to let people have their voices heard. We have to preserve that access and keep our gov open to working class communities of color

iPhone : The only way we can fully re-open safely, is if workers who get Covid can take days off of work w/o having to worry about losing their jobs or paying the rent. Paid sick days are a critical piece to getting our small & large businesses back to work without creating another wave.

iPhone : We need to shift away from extreme sentencing lengths and mass incarceration as the solution & tackle the root causes of crime such as promoting rehabilitation, reducing poverty, and strengthening communities.

Twitter Web App : I just finished another night of virtual office hours (silver lining of the zoom life) with my constituents and it's great to hear that affordable housing is everyone's top concern still. This is why I fight for housing so hard up in the capitol for housing

Twitter Web App : Corporations, even during this pandemic, continue to shatter profit records. It's time they paid their fair share.

Proud to be joining Assemblywoman Luz Rivas' #AB71 to restore the corporate tax rate to the 1980s level and invest in our housing crisis…