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Twitter Web App : JUNK THE ANTI-TERRORISM BILL AND UPHOLD HUMAN RIGHTS! - Sign the Petition! via @ChangePilipinas

Twitter Web App : Please sign this online petition!

Let us say no to a bill that will worsen the already dismal rights situation in the Philippines.

Twitter Web App : Mga drayber ng jeep nagsagawa ng sabayang busina para manawagan na makabalik na sila sa kanilang hanapbuhay matapos ang ECQ sa NCR.

Hunyo 1, 2020
Philcoa, QC

Twitter Web App : Our history and current events shows how a draconian law can and will be used and abused by the government to silence and crack down on its critics and perceived enemies. Ruffy Biazon is not Duterte. Again, please don’t rest your fears and fight this abomination of a law.

Twitter Web App : Under the bill, you can be arrested w/o warrant & detained w/o charges for up to 24 days, your assets & accounts frozen, officially branded a terrorist, held incomunicado, all because you’re accused of intending to cause mayhem even if it doesn’t actually happen. #JunkTerrorBill

Twitter Web App : Setting the Record Straight against Historical Revisionism: Gains and Lessons of the Cordillera Mass Movement…

PHOTO: CPA pioneer Eduardo Solang with Constitutional Commissioner Roberto Concepcion.

Twitter Web App : Setting the Record Straight against Historical Revisionism: Gains and Lessons of the Cordillera Mass Movement…

PHOTO: Shortly after Cordillera Day celebration in 1986, the CPA Regional Council had a meeting with President Corazon Aquino in Malacañang.

Twitter Web App : Setting the Record Straight against Historical Revisionism: Gains and Lessons of the Cordillera Mass Movement


The Popular Resistance to Chico and Cellophil…

Twitter Web App : We demand justice. #StopTheKillings

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Twitter Web App : Late grandfather, Allapo ay Bolinget in Demang, Sagada, Mountain Province. Photo taken in 1979 or 1980. When he died in 1986, they said he was more than 100 years old.

Twitter Web App : Sa pagpasa sa Terror Bill, they will only legitimize yung ginagawang pangrered-tag ng estado laban sa mga aktibista o kahit sa simpleng mamamayan na nagpapakita ng dissent against the government.

Ngayon lang, may nagsend sa aking death threats lol.

Twitter Web Client : Duterte should fully account for the billions given him for COVID, before he asks for more budget or bury us in more loans. i.e. in page 16 of his May 18 report was a cash allocation of P10.6 B but the allotment was only for P8.5 B. Saan napunta ang sobrang cash na P2 Billion?

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Twitter Web App : Hindi dapat. Naalala kong nangako si Pres. Duterte na sya ang magbabayad sa upa ng mga mahirap. Di naman sya siguro trapo na nangangako pero hindi tinutupad. O, mali ako? Ano tingin nyo, trapo?…

Twitter Web App : Another implication of rejecting food relief and cash assistance is the impression that the LGUs in the Cordillera can provide the needs in the fight against covid-19 such as mass testing and treatment. Can you afford the requirements for mass testing, testing kits, and PPEs?

Twitter Web App : We need social amelioration for electricity consumers who cannot make ends meet let alone pay their bills. Dapat ilibre na ang first 200kWh consumption ng kuryente sa panahon ng lockdown at ECQ. Zero-bill para sa maliliit na consumers. Hindi lang palugit, bawasan ang bayarin!

Twitter Web App : Sa Page 5 ng May 18 Report ni Pres. Duterte nagamit daw nila ay P432 M sa 4751 farmers or an unbelievable P90,000 each. Pero maraming magsasaka ang nagsasabing wala pa silang ayuda. Dapat i account ito fully. at kung di nakatanggap ng 90K ang mga magsasaka, Saan napunta ang pera?

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Twitter Web App : To the trolls and fictitious accounts, you may gain financially from what you are doing but you know that manufacturing fake news, lies and direct threats is totally wrong. Why don’t we just cooperate and contribute what we can in supporting the people.

Twitter Web App : TO GOV'T OFFICIALS: Don’t use your position to attack civilians. Don’t allow yourselves to be minions of the AFP in committing human rights violations. Don’t let your name be tainted with blood by just blindly following orders from this fascist Duterte regime.

Twitter Web App : Experience and lessons show that irresponsible statements on red-tagging and political vilification from State forces and government authorities result in assassinations, killings, and chaos in our society. You are in government to serve the people, you are paid for by the people