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Bio Saving lives, changing lives. 🇺🇳🌾🍛 The United Nations World Food Programme is the worlds largest humanitarian agency working towards #ZeroHunger.
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Twitter Media Studio : Misinformation is causing global harm, hampering our ability to make progress on many of the world’s most pressing issues. We can all take action now.

⏸️Pause & take time to verify facts before you share something online. #TakeCareBeforeYouShare

Twitter Media Studio : #DYK Breastfeeding produces:
0️⃣ zero waste 🍼
0️⃣ zero greenhouse gases 💨 and has
0️⃣ zero water footprint 🌊

Breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a babys life is good for baby, mom, and for a more sustainable planet. 👶🤰🏽🌎 #WBW2020 ✊

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Twitter for Advertisers : The number of people facing hunger in Zimbabwe’s urban areas is set to rise from 2.2 million to 3.3 million.

Yet funding for WFP’s operations in #Zimbabwe is running out. For Oppah and her children, who have nowhere else to turn, that would be a disaster.

Twitter Web App : Even during #EidAlAdha, we cant afford to pause our work! Millions of families in #Yemen rely on World Food Programme food assistance for survival.

From ships🚢 to trucks🚚 to table 🍚, follow our #FoodJourney in Yemen. #YemenCrisis

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Twitter Media Studio : #WorldBreastfeedingWeek starts today! 🌍🤱🏽💫

WFP protects, supports and promotes breastfeeding around the world. 👶🏾🤰🏻 🍼 Breastfeeding prevents hunger and malnutrition in all its forms and has greater health benefits for both mom & baby. 🎦Check your knowledge 👇

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Twitter Web App : Two women connected by a desire to protect their communities from #COVID19.

Meet Moyuna and Roksana, the Rohingya refugee and Bangladesh mothers making masks as part of the coronavirus response in Cox’s Bazar.😷🧶🪡✂️👇…

Twitter Web App : The WFP Innovation team uses start-up culture, public- and private sector partnerships to innovate and #disrupthunger.

They are 1 in 10 to get dual Fast Company awards for Best Workplaces for Innovators and Innovation Team of the Year 2020! 🚀 👏…

Twitter Media Studio : Hunger comes to town.

Cities are bearing the brunt of the #COVID19 crisis, especially in poorer areas.

Over half of WFP’s new response plan will be delivered in cash and vouchers - to empower urban communities to meet their food needs in local markets. 👇

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Twitter Media Studio : Venezuelans in neighbouring countries are among those worst affected by the fallout from the pandemic.

Economic deterioration in the host countries could further impact the livelihoods of migrants, leading to increased poverty and food insecurity. More ➡️

Twitter for Advertisers : Conflict, a currency in freefall and coronavirus are threatening to push more people in #Yemen into acute hunger.

WFP urgently needs US$737 million to continue to deliver food assistance until the end of the year. #YemenCrisis

Twitter Web App : In Bangladesh, nearly 1 million houses have been flooded following the recent heavy monsoon rains.

With support from UNCERF, World Food Programme has sent mobile cash transfers to families, helping them avoid hunger during the floods.

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Twitter Web App : Whether you're cooking at home or ordering in, here are a few reminders about #FoodSafety from World Food Programme that apply with or without #COVID19 :

🔹 Use different chopping boards for raw meat & cooked food 🥩
🔹 Keep your hands clean 🧼
🔹 Cook meat thoroughly 🥪
🔹 Store food safely 🥬

Twitter Web App : “The problem with coronavirus is it came suddenly”

WFP is providing cash in #Uganda’s capital Kampala to 80,000 refugees living in informal settlements who have been hard hit by the consequences of #COVID19.…

Twitter Web App : Happy #EidAlAdha🌙 to everyone celebrating 💙

💙🌙كل عام وأنتم بخير بمناسبة حلول #عيد_الأضحى

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Twitter Web App : As I explained to Richard Engel on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt last night, #COVID19 is having devastating effects on the worlds most vulnerable families, especially children.

The situation is dire for the 270 MILLION people on the brink of starvation. It is critical that we act now.

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Twitter Web App : At 90, Shadrek suffers from diabetes & high blood pressure. “The most essential things for me are food and medication,” he says.

As the hunger crisis in #Zimbabwe worsens WFP’s food assistance is vital to Shadrek, but WFP can only continue operations with additional funding.

Twitter Media Studio : Love.

Friends make our lives better.

How do you say friend in your language? 💛👇 #FriendshipDay2020

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Twitter Media Studio : “The Red Sea Mills in many ways became a symbol of the many challenges we face as we work tirelessly in #Yemen to get food to those who so desperately need it.”

Last week, the last grain was transported away from the frontline mills.➡️ #YemenCrisis

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