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iPhone : I’m just gonna laugh at my former Republican colleagues when they say they believe in “oversight” again once Joe Biden becomes President.

iPhone : Ignore the stupid shit he says today.

Pay attention to what he doesn’t want you to pay attention to: 90,694 dead & 36.5 million unemployed.

It will get worse. It didn’t have to be this bad. But it is this bad because he didn’t do his job. Don’t ever forget that.

iPhone : Playbook:
IN SAYING HE IS INGESTING hydroxychloroquine against the advice of his govt's experts and refusing to use a mask, TRUMP has unleashed the wail of a siren to his base that he is in charge -- not the medical experts in his administration -- and will do as he pleases.

iPhone : Rebekah Jones, who is credited with creating the Florida Department of Health data portal, told CBS12 News she was removed because she refused to censor data and “manually change data to drum up support for the plan to reopen.”…

iPhone : Mike Pompeo refused to sit for an interview with the State Department inspector general's office as part of its probe into the admin's move to bypass Congress and expedite last year's $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia by declaring an emergency.…

iPhone : Yes, he said something stupid & dangerous again today, but don’t lose track of what really matters: 90,654 dead, 36.5 million unemployed. Our country wasn’t ready. That’s on him.

iPhone : Adam FREEDOM! Kokesh Libertarian Party I do have integrity, and I’m pretty damn libertarian, but this year, our only job is to defeat that lawless authoritarian in the White House. So we have to support the only person who can beat him: The Democratic nominee.

I do think you’re a great candidate Adam.

iPhone : I’m a pro life, pro gun, strong on the border, free trade, limited government conservative. If a guy like me can publicly commit to work his ass off for & vote for Joe Biden, then ANY progressive or liberal should be able to as well.

Come on. Trump is a unique &dangerous threat.

iPhone : I usually don’t drink on Monday nights. But I’m going to make an exception tonight because the Speaker of the House just called the President of the United States really fat. Dangerously fat.

She’s right. And she sounded concerned for him. So I’m gonna have a tequila. Just one.…

iPhone : The new letter from the White House physician does not actually say that he prescribed hydroxychloroquine to Trump and it does not say that Trump is actually taking hydroxychloroquine.