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iPhone : Do the right thing please ! I would personally invite you to drop by and check out our sessions to have a clearer idea on how it’s done…

iPhone : Any updates on sports from the recent announcement by Muhyiddin Yassin? I missed it. Are football competitions allowed to make a comeback? Are community sports businesses allowed to reopen? Is the sporting industry as a whole included in the new economic recovery plan?

iPhone : Tq #BolaBosanBosan untuk inisiatif diskusi. Really appreciate this. It’s our own responsibility of course. To maintain the business, to find solutions and keep surviving. But, the policy makers are responsible to provide the policy to further direct our business decisions now.…

iPhone : They should be proactive. Nothing we can do now if there’s delay on their side. What we can do is voicing our concern in social media. But where do we go from here? Any more delays will kill the business. We can see no urgency to assist our situations.

iPhone : It’s almost 3 months down the road. Where’s the policy? Other countries already have their plans for safe return to contact sports. Tak kan lah takda langsung cara kita boleh bermain bola dengan selamat? At least consider our position and ideas.

iPhone : Bukan setakat owner padang tapi league organizer, supplier air even photographer pun hilang punca pendapatan waktu PKP ni.

Cuba tag kawan-kawan korang yang affected & bagi pendapat. Kita bincangkan topik ni secara mendalam.


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iPhone : Antara sedutan podcast malam tadi. Korang setuju tak kalau SOP untuk bolasepak dikeluarkan? Ramai yang kaki dah menggigil ni 🤣

Dito Shazwan Wong Araii 충하라이 follow @WauKPOP Fizi!!!


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