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Bio No coercion. Parity for MH. Human rights.

Campaigns: CALMED trial; rights-based MHA; toxic cultures

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Twitter Web App : This study will certainly stir debate:
Increased risk of violent crimes while on SSRI relative to periods off drugs…

Twitter Web App : Solidarity is our only hope This is why we wrote our manifesto for reforming the Mental Health Act 1983. This is why we need legislation which is founded on human rights. This is why coercion should be minimized in mental healthcare.

Twitter Web App : Back in 2018 I wrote this blog for Asylum Magazine
Use of #restraint in mental health units in England, often unnecessary, remains an act of staff violence within a dehumanising mental health system……

Twitter Web App : Alex Thomson Good afternoon, Dr Thomson. Hope you are well & surviving morning commute protected by mask & dapper hat. Just wondering if you have got round to reading manifesto? Would be delighted to have feedback. Can be downloaded via link on website.

Twitter Web App : Robert Howard Good afternoon Prof Howard, hope you are well and adapting well to lock down. We have published a manifesto for reforming the MHA 1983. Would be delighted to hear your feedback. Can be downloaded using link on website:

Twitter Web App : Our lives and our rights have never mattered. Which is why MH staff can boast about their violence towards us whilst simultaneously asserting their ‘progressive’ credentials.…

Twitter Web App : The undercurrent in these communications is always same: here is inherently violent patient saved by our compassionate professionalism; what should be asked is what is it about this coercively neglectful environment which turned a normally peaceful person desperately aggressive…

Twitter Web App : Take note medical director and staff Chesterfield Royal . DNAR does not mean don't treat. You should discuss with family, you should continue to treat, you don't secretly give Midazolam and let someone die as you did with our father.…

Twitter Web App : I’m smiling and almost melting😊

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Twitter Web App : Hey all professionals who have the power over people to put them in restraint...awesome that you, most of the time, arent murdering us but maybe stop bragging how great you are at 'safe' restraint when there are millions of us out here traumatised by restraint even done right.