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Bio Class Clown, Father of 3, Liverpool and Ipswich fan.
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iPhone : if you need to drive 260 miles to find the nearest person willing to help keep you alive you should start considering the possibility you might be a bit of a cunt

iPhone : Surely we are loosening the reins a bit too early as our death and infection rate is the worst in Europe and they aren’t doing this. #lockdown #Covid_19

iPhone : Wonder if the 1000s of new joggers and cyclists will continue when they are actually allowed out all the time? #lockdown #Covid_19

iPhone : Have the government admitted to any mistakes throughout this crisis? Have they really done everything right? #corona #Conservatives #uk

iPhone : Gotta love Asda for their random replacements on click and collect orders. 12 first class stamps as replacement for 12 Large Eggs. #clickandcollect

iPhone : talkSPORT Why cancel? Just don’t try and return to early just do it when it’s safe to do so and complete the season. It’s the media and City and United fans who are making out we have to void the season. The euros have moved so we can just return when safe and finish the last games.

iPhone : What if it turns out Bright Light and Bleach injections do kill the corona virus just scientists hadn’t thought of it? #trump #corona #Covid_19

iPhone : Piers Morgan Now imagine this amount or more people working on building a new residential building which is smaller than this park and indoors and all the people working close don’t live together... explain why construction sites are site open but this isn’t ok??