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Twitter Web App : david zweig i can imagine it being a really shrewd play though bc there's a large segment of people who still love trump and absolutely hate that they can't read about him in the media without all the inconvenient scrutiny of his actual record or views

Twitter Web App : I wrote about how India, whose TikTok ban presaged Trump's, has become a minefield for Big Tech—and why the activist who led its righteous fight against Facebook Free Basics six years ago fears his movement is being coopted by nationalist hawks. onezero.medium.com/the-man-who-ra…

Twitter Web App : Alley Cat is Home maura quint i wear one glove to the grocery and use it to pick up avocados and whatnot while keeping my other one free to scratch my face or use my phone

this works great provided you do not mind looking like a serial killer

Twitter Web App : SpotifyCares i asked it to play a specific song via google home, it played that song then brought up "crash" automatically as the next song. not seeing any option to take "crash" out of the rotation for autoplays like this

Twitter Web App : Eric Levitz Matthew Zeitlin not to go all occam's razor but doesn't the fact that he sucked at school and went to big state and made Fs suggest that this might not be an act and he actually is straight-talking and unpretentious?

Twitter Web App : note that this is true for almost everyone *except* an app like fortnite that is basically a mega-platform in its own right. which is why smaller developers needed a company like epic to step up and fight, even if epic has ugly business practices of its own twitter.com/ozm/status/129…

Twitter Web App : Over the years as a cat owner I've mastered the art of picking up on the subtle cues my cat gives when he's hungry, such as eating my documents and puking them up at my feet.

Twitter Web App : willy Feel like it's one of those cases where people feel like they're making an organic decision but really they're responding to corporate-controlled shifts in production, distribution, and marketing wsj.com/articles/const…

iPhone : how does spotify not have any button for “play fewer songs like this,” or better yet “never play this song again?”

Twitter Web App : Peter Sterne🌹 T. J. Raphael totally. i think that's another parallel with at least a portion of the pro-trump fake news that used to be rampant on facebook (and lives on to a lesser degree), which was often produced for profit by people who didn't care about politics at all twitter.com/WillOremus/sta…

Twitter Web App : what i find interesting about this is that it's basically the real-world equivalent of the fake news / propaganda that's so prevalent on facebook, in that it's supposed to look authoritative but the source is obscured

the difference is, it can't go viral on a magazine rack

Twitter Web App : mystery solved! the nameless trump magazine is published by centennial media, a small nyc company apparently run by one sebastian raatz: linkedin.com/in/sebastianra…

ok Meredith Corporation you're off the hook

iPhone : fine print at top says “american legends collectors issue.” fine print at bottom says “centennial legends.” neither has a web presence i can find.

best clue is the rack itself which says “meredith specials,” suggesting it’s published by the magazine conglomerate Meredith Corporation