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iPhone : Up to 631 words on my short story. Then I had an idea for another blog post so wrote 196 words on that. I’ve just paused for lunch. 😃 #amwriting #amwritingfiction #WritingCommunity

iPhone : I’ve written just over 200 words of a short story.I’m liking it, so I think I’ll carry on with it once I get back from the post office.I often forget that’s it’s okay to write for fun!I think I’ll have a few hours or writing instead of sewing. It’s far too dull here for much else

iPhone : Maria Smith Enjoy! 🙂 I’m going to work on a short story this morning, then going to the post office. Later, I’m sewing some drawstring bags and bowl cosies.

iPhone : I treated myself to this great, sewing themed, newspaper fabric! The articles and journalists are sewing themed. I particularly find the woman who used her husband as a human pincushion by Jill the ripper amusing. 🤣 #sewing #fabric

iPhone : Granted it looks messy! But here is my beeswax wrap holding my chicken pieces ready for the freezer. It sticks together all by itself, I’m loving it. 😃😃

iPhone : Maria Smith Actually, this week of annual leave has made me realise just how much I dislike my job but nothing I can do about it yet. I’m looking for something else but not much out there. 🙁

iPhone : Maria Smith Photography sounds good. 🙂 Nothing changes for me because I work in a hospital. To be honest, I’d love to be home and still get paid but I can appreciate that other people would find it challenging. It would be even worse for those who lost their jobs altogether.

iPhone : Sally Jenkins Thanks, Sally. I do have trouble just relaxing and doing nothing. Of course, this is what I’m doing during the day. When it goes dark, I’m knitting. 😃x

iPhone : Having another fun, sewing day today. Although, technically yesterday was only cutting out what I needed. Today all fourteen bags will be completed and added to the shop. 🙂 Then I’m posting my Etsy orders and doing a spot of housework. I did most of it yesterday though.

iPhone : I’m having a flash sale, ends on Sunday. Grab yourself an offer while stocks last. 😃😃 #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2020 #Sales #sale #etsysale #etsyshop #EtsySeller #etsyuk #etsyhandmade…