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Android : Ecko🦁 Nintendo never listens to anyone but Sony's a mixed bag, they could go either way.

Their games division became a lot more competent sometime after the PS3 disaster caused 'resignations' so I doubt they'd get into this tier of PR cluster**ck to begin with.

Android : Ecko🦁 If they 'listened to the community' this would have never happened to begin with. It wasn't until this blew up and they got mocked publicly in trending that they backpedaled.

Android : Vhyrel I know that Superhero comics are drawn that way for convenience but I'm surprised that the price difference is that pronounced. Is it really that much easier?

Android : Slick L Austin Evans Really? The perception that Xbox has lower quality games has been a ongoing issue for Xbox, PS dropping the game and Xbox keeping it could be seen as a sign that they need every game they can get. Especially with their first party lineup being 0 for the near future.