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I support ALL female people, no matter how they identify or whether they are trans. THAT is feminism to me. (Also KM is a man.)

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Twitter Web App : Boyz The genderists will accept your heads on platters as tribute & the lesbians will be standing to the side in humourless schadenfreude because you didn't stand with us when we needed you.

Twitter Web App : now that women have dicks is 'cocksucker' no longer a misogynistic term I can now use for men of all sexual orientations freely?

asking for an asshole.

the asshole

Twitter Web App : Terra, gay outlaw 🔫 *pew pew* Ed That's the point - a man isn't an idea, it isn't a title, or a lifestyle. Nothing a man does, nothing he says, wears, thinks, feels, or sticks on his head or up his ass stops him from being a man. Everyone has their own idea of an IDEAL man, but it varies from person to person.

Twitter Web App : Researchers at Cambridge University confirmed what we all knew about males all along. 🙈🥜…

Twitter Web App : Terra, gay outlaw 🔫 *pew pew* Ed Man isn't a title. A man can be a man in a wig, he can be a straight man who likes it up the poop-chute, he can be a man who is respected, or he can be a man that gets mocked. Being mocked doesn't make a man less of a man, and neither does not 'fitting' anyone's idea of a man.

Twitter Web App : People get so excited for an opportunity to be critical of other women, it's actually embarrassing. There is no radical feminist energy to be found in the 'not like other girls' sucking up to men when they have a mantrum & blame women for their problems on this fucking app.

Twitter Web App : 〽️ars ⚓️ Women who commit any sort of crime or offense are such a minority among women that when you're 'critical of women' it just looks like boring ass whataboutism because 'women' are not representative of any sort of majority of any specific criminal offense. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Twitter Web App : I'm American so I'm a bit fuzzy round the edges of what constitutes a crime on this damp little isle, but someone help me out here -

Is it not deeply concerning that people can just add an MP's name to a defamatory letter? This seems serious enough to warrant more than a Tweet.…

Twitter Web App : Code of conduct. I hope all those who have signed this letter will consider their position & withdraw their support for this attack on me. I won’t be bullied from standing up for #womensrights or #FreeSpeech 2/3

Twitter Web App : Comments like these are why I never even bother getting into these debates. It's only a tiny step from blaming women for problems created by men to justifying the patriarchy because women are 'less than'. It's all misogyny, internal & external.…

Twitter Web App : All revolutions quickly deteriorate into misogynistic shit-fests because 1. they revere traditionally masculine violence and 2. misogynists take advantage of hero worship to abuse women with impunity while dangling the carrot of unity and joint struggle "for the greater good".