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iPhone : Greg Wyshynski Oh man. That guy was on Dragons Den (Canadian Show, Shark Tank equivalent) for a few seasons. He’s such an asshat. He’s like the My Pillow guy of Canada, but without the pillows.

iPhone : Arctic Ice Hockey Hodgy Scott Campbell They also had Justin Schultz, Mark Streit, Olli Matta, Trevor Daley, and Brian Doumolin. All had played in at least 3 full seasons and one Cup Final prior to 2017 win. Can our defence now (Morrisey and Pionk aside) say they’ve even played a full season combined?

iPhone : Bartley Kives Have you ever done, or thought about doing, wilderness/paddling workshops/presentations on the rivers you’ve paddled in MB?

iPhone : Steve W Oatway Matthew Fisher It’s actually a medicine wheel -… - in this case most likely one with Cree connections as Fox Lake First Nation (just north of Gillam) is a Cree nation.

iPhone : d4nny31buck5 It’s actually a medicine wheel -… - in this case most likely one with Cree connections as Fox Lake First Nation (just north of Gillam) is a Cree nation.

iPhone : @Robkamm Jason Bodnarchuk RCMP Manitoba No ferry available in Gilliam. Ferry located in Spilt Lake,2 hrs south Gilliam,and only goes further into bush. Suspects will be unable to avoid check stops where RCMP has set them,even if they saw this info,as they are at the junction of the only two roads in Northern Manitoba.

iPhone : Jim Toth) 's Twitter Profile">Jim Toth Kopytko Jim Toth) 's Twitter Profile">Jim Toth do you think there’s been a lack of urgency in the game of the Jets this season overall? Their pop seems to come in short spurts or when down,where last season it was a constant. Less urgency in game leading to more turnovers/high danger chances throughout?

iPhone : Andrew Paterson Hey Huss, unrelated but kinda related cause he was a beast last night. Is Tanev playing his way out of Wpg, in the best way possible (not best for Wpg obviously) ie: is this guy is gonna get paid more than the jets can afford?

iPhone : Jeff Browaty TeamOpenWPG Can you explain why people in cars at P&M more important than pedestrians/cyclists?What stats are being used to give more credence to one segment of the population? A minute extra to someone's commute trumps decreasing 10 minutes for someone with accessibility issues to cross?

iPhone : Jeff Browaty TeamOpenWPG Also, are you not concerned that leaving the intersection closed drives away potential large investment in our downtown? Over time these investments would lower the tax burden on residents such as myself in your ward. How could you not support such an endeavour?

iPhone : Jeff Browaty TeamOpenWPG That was my door! I noticed on the flyer you gave me you support the expansion of both Route 90 and Chief Peguis Trail, projects that have the potential of reaching close to $1 billion in combined cost. Will you support a plebiscite on these projects as well?

iPhone : Brent Bellamy where can I obtain a vote open sign for P&M? Wanting to rile up all my suburban neighbors and hopefully change some minds in the process.