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Twitter Web App : JP LOCK THAT PIECE OF SHIT UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY .... beating on a disabled kid FFS ... how low can you go?

Twitter Web App : Scott plus I will hold the healthcare profession in a higher regard and the frond-line workers and store staff that served us during the pandemic ... I will never take you for granted

Twitter Web App : Scott I know I won't forget a lot of the crap that went on and I hold a grudge so I would say we will recover but most will be very cautious who they support and who the befriend

Twitter Web App : during this pandemic I didn't know I was capable of hating so many people and so many groups ... the lack of respect shown by some is truly unacceptable

Twitter Web App : Scott Campbell if you've seen the movie Law Abiding Citizen I think most men have a little bit of that in them ... you hurt one of my family members I'll go full blown Gerard Butler on your sorry ass LOL

Twitter Web App : too bad Chevy blew money on Beaulieu and Sbisa on day 1 of free agency while Tampa is ripe for the plucking already over the cap and still have to sign Cernak and Cirelli