Fiona Applebum says block Shaun King! (@WrittenByHanna )

Fiona Applebum says block Shaun King!

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Twitter Web App : I guess I also don't really get having strong negative feelings about Kamala because Biden winning the nomination was the biggest electoral L American society has taken since Trump won. Lol. Truly one of the lowest points in my lifetime. But yes, your feelings are valid.

Twitter Web App : There are 2 groups of black wannabe capitalists who will never latch onto radical ideology:

1. Those who want pro-business policies & low taxes, & are socially conservative (I.e hoteps & black wallstreet types)

2. Upper middle class dems who care about racism but not classism

Twitter Web App : Me about the DNC

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Twitter Web App : Biden and his cabinet at the inauguration

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Twitter Web App : People engaging and critiquing the politics of a Black woman who wants to maintain political power isn't what ultimately hurts Black women the most.

Twitter Web App : Good morning you handsome and gorgeous lot. Y’all want some cookies

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Twitter Web App : HMU if you’re trying to turn $100 to $4,000. No scheme no shade. SN: We will be selling crack.

Twitter Web App : losing ground is leaving the criterion channel at the end of the month, so you have twenty days to watch a movie about *checks notes* a black woman, carrying more hopes than she should and shackled to a rudderless man, slowly realize the increasing absurdity of her position

Twitter Web App : Shift policies further to the what?…

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