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iPhone : if i see ANY of y'all telling black people HOW they should handle this shit it's BLOCK CITY baby. what the FUCK do you think we're thinking about EVERY fucking day??? fuck off seriously. twitter.com/bomanizer/stat…

iPhone : To the guy telling me how i should be using my platform. I am B L A C K. I see all of this. I’m dealing with all of this. My platform is very new to me and I’m taking the time to LISTEN and decide what i want my voice to be on all of this.

iPhone : rubber bullets ARE NOT made of rubber

they’re made of METAL with a RUBBER CASING, it’s very deceptive for them to be called rubber bullets.

police are supposed to shoot them at the ground and have them ricochet at you

they’re shooting them IN PEOPLES FACES which can kill you

iPhone : if slave masters posted videos of them picking cotton some of you would be like “now THIS is how you treat your slaves!!!”

iPhone : who the fuck is asking black people if they're pr0testing?? are y'all okay??? do u know what is going on in the world right now?? what the fuck??? twitter.com/cyberdurag/sta…

iPhone : this would have been the title track of my album about being black, queer and tired. i don't know when i'll be releasing a body of work but this track means a lot to me and 100% of the proceeds are going to supplies for pr0testers in Boston #blm twitter.com/xoxogossipgoth…

iPhone : 100% of the money is going towards supplies for protestors, feel free to contact me directly bc bandcamp will take 15% of the money u give

iPhone : i've seen some really incredible fundraisers for mutual aid and support for black ppl. i wanna do what i can to help get ppl the supplies they need to be prepared for the p0l1c3 itsmickbeth.bandcamp.com/track/thoochia…

iPhone : hi plz consider donating to this, the money will be for black queer mutual aid & putting money into supplies for protestors to get more kits on the ground for ppls safety twitter.com/XOXOGOSSIPGOTH…