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Twitter for iPad : I was in Vietnam in 1971 when John Kerry made his lying testimony, calling Vietnam vets baby-killers, reminiscent of Genghis Khan. I still reel inside when I think about what he said. The outrage Bobulinski expressed tonight is what I and many other vets felt as we heard his...

Twitter for iPad : lies and mischaracterization; he and others pressing us down as they pushed themselves up, enriching themselves while shoving America into the ground!

This sick corruption in America has been at play for decades. It is time for it to STOP and for this cancer to be excised...

Twitter for iPad : #America this is a painting of Lenin addressing the crowd upon his return to Russia during the revolution ! Do you see the parallels between the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution to the leftist Rebellion in 2020 🤫 My my how history repeats itself #TidalRedWave #KAG2020 #WWGS2020 🇺🇸⚔️❤️

Twitter for iPad : More looting by #BLM terrorists in #Philadelphia-If citizens can’t trust their local officials to keep their community safe then they probably shouldn’t trust them to ensure the fairness/protect the integrity of #Election2020 ...🧐
#Vote RED 4 #LawAndOrder

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Twitter for iPad : Tony Bobulinski just proved on national 📺 that #CrookedJoeBiden is owned and completely compromised by the Chinese gov’t! We must not only hold Joe accountable at the polls, but assign a Special Counsel to investigate immediately! #LockHimUp


Twitter for iPad : Biden Film!! This is called Riding the Dragon - the #Bidens #Chinese Secrets.

There is NO hidin' for you Biden anymore!


Twitter for iPad : Such hypocrisy, prayers are for healing, not hating.

Midler is a sick individual!

She supports abortion and thinks God will listen to her...

Sorry Bette, God is on the side of people who don't take him out of The Pledge of Allegiance.


Twitter for iPad : 🤗THE TRUMP’S ARE THE BEST🔥🇺🇸

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Twitter for iPad : Stacks of drivers license at registration tables??? Wow. That rather blatant!! Hence why registered poll workers & observers are so incredibly crucial!! Check ya partisan politics at the door & serve ur country at the polls!
#ElectionFraud #Election2020


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Twitter for iPad : Met a man today who tried to tell me
have to tell the truth on TV

I said I wish they would

He insisted they do and said
it's the cable networks who lie

He also told me that
Trump is trying to turn us into communists!

Guess where he got that idea...... pic.twitter.com/6ETETI63ia