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Twitter Web App : thank you wandavision crew for this incredible journey and for creating an everlasting love story between a witch and a synthezoid

Twitter Web App : You got some nerve showing up at the fucking police station ://
I assumed you must want to examine the suspect

cough*detective AU again*cough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Twitter Web App : I-NO

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Android : I'm producing a new short film called "Pritty" that brings Black queer representation to animation!🌊💙 Help us bring this film to life by donating to our Kickstarter:…

Android : As you like
Ashe wants to make Amélie feel.
(#overwatch, #ouihaw | ashe/widow)

its a little bit spicy and somewhat out of my comfort zone but... yolo. smut with feelings :)
E (nsfw), 1,429 words

(preview is sfw)

Twitter Web App : I may not like the idea of giving more money to The Mouse, but WandaVision feels like one of the first mcu projects where the people involved are just having a lot of fun making something they like

Twitter Web App : idk yall watching a show about <magical> superheroes where there isn't a big world destroyer in the background 100% feels good man. And i love how it's all wrapped in this big package that's paying homage to the history of Sitcom