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iPhone : to all the men surprised about the number of girls they know coming forward about sexual assault, wait until you find out about the number of guys you know who are sexual assailants

iPhone : I'll state my main point clearly: skin whitening creams are inherently anti-Black. They not only damage self-perception within one's own culture, but perpetuate beauty standards - now, internationally and online - that were designed to dehumanize people with darker skin.

iPhone : I want racist people out of the medical field. Period. I don’t care how hard they worked. They the reason why black women are getting neglected and discriminated against in health care.

iPhone : This why them yt kids be growing up mad

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iPhone : “untamed apes”, “just cus one black guy dies...” etc. says the white aspiring nurse at my school! a future nurse!

lol not for long though. we’re sending emails to the nursing department, the president, la mama de su mama, etc. I luv the minority community at Mount, I see ya!

iPhone : have y’all ever heard anyone say it’s “just one bad doctor”???? naw. they lose their licenses, they get sued, they get thrown in JAIL for medical malpractice. why? bc there’s no room for mistakes or error in a profession that you swear to protect and help the people, PERIOD

iPhone : People who are out past curfew can spend up to 6 months in jail. That’s more time then Brock Turner spent for raping an unconscious girl.

iPhone : This was taken in 2017. Kathy Griffin posing with Trumps head. Her way of demonstrating artistic protest against our good for nothing President. She got so much backlash for this. But I liked it in 2017 and I’ll like and retweet in 2020.

iPhone : These are the places y’all should be looting, not your neighborhood mom and pop stores…

iPhone : asians should stop using evidence of black people helping asians in history to justify why asians should care. WE SHOULD CARE WHETHER OR NOT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE STOOD WITH US. YOU SHOULD CARE CUZ UR HUMAN.