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Twitter Web App : Is photographing romance novel covers is just watching hot people cuddle all day? I'm switching jobs.

Twitter Web App : The basic premise of this series is what if the bachelor sucked. What if instead of a pilot or a businessman he was an aspiring professional vaper? It's fun! It's probably the only romance novel with a poop flood. Enjoy!

Twitter Web App : Want to read a romance novel about a gender non-conforming professional wrestler called The Duke and a contestant on a reality TV show that he hosts? I wrote that! And you can read it exclusively on @scribd!…

Twitter Web App : Thanks to everyone who came by, especially those of you who found me dressed as a skeleton and hiding in the sacrificial pit. It was a good bit and I would have been very mad if it didn't pay off.

Twitter Web App : It's almost 10 in the central timezone so laaaast call for anyone looking to game the stalk market.

Twitter Web App : My Turnips are 461 and my island is open! DM for Dodo code if you're interested. It's a place of spooky wonder and I'm definitely not luring you there. Thanks!

Twitter Web App : It's been a while since I update my blog so I did a post on what it was like writing, starring in, and editing my own YouTube show. Spoiler it was HARD.…

Twitter Web App : I wrote about the time Ice Cube sang a song with the line "Westside hitting hairy cock all night long" on Nickelodeon.…

iPhone : Season two episode ten of girls when Adam runs across town to be with Hannah as she’s having a mental breakdown. My husband had been gone for a month for work and I was a mess. That just did me in.…