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Hootsuite Inc. : The impact of coronavirus on young people’s mental health may be felt for years to come. We’re calling on the Government to provide additional resources to youth groups, charities and helplines that support young people’s mental health. Sign our petition.

Hootsuite Inc. : "Remember that your weight doesn’t equate to your worth."

Eve, 19, shares her experience of recovering from an eating disorder in lockdown.

Hootsuite Inc. : Opinion: How to deal with anger if it’s been building up during lockdown…

Hootsuite Inc. : The NHS have published a new article on how to support a child or young person with mental ill health.

Here you can find practical advice on what you can do if you’re worried about your child right now - and where you can turn to for support.…

Hootsuite Inc. : "Remember that you are doing your best, and it is okay not to come out of lockdown with a slimmer body than when you came in. Your body is beautiful."

Our bloggers and Activists share their tips for coping with body image anxieties in lockdown.

Hootsuite Inc. : Our Crisis Messenger services provides free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK. If you're a young person and need urgent support with your mental health, please text YM to 85258.…

Twitter Web App : We’ve teamed up with The Mix and Shout 85258 to bring you One Space – a website to help under 25s find the right mental health supporting during this pandemic.

Please share with anyone who may find One Space helpful during this difficult time.

Hootsuite Inc. : "Often what affects my mental health is not being deaf itself, but issues caused by a lack of awareness."

Our Activist Lucas, 19, shares how being deaf affects his mental health.

Hootsuite Inc. : With schools suddenly forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many young people didn't have the end to their time at school they were expecting. Ella, 18, shares what this was like for her and what has helped her cope with the sense of loss.

Hootsuite Inc. : We often hear how mindfulness can help improve our wellbeing, but knowing where to begin can feel a little overwhelming. Rachel, 17, shares how she practises mindfulness to improve her mental health.

Twitter Web App : We need to prepare for more young people needing mental health support as restrictions lift. #BeyondTomorrow

Twitter Web App : “All of us are coping with this new reality and we need to pat ourselves on the back for coming this far.”

Experts share advice on how to get your motivation back if you’ve felt it reducing since being in lockdown.…

Hootsuite Inc. : Parent-of-two Rox explains how she has found juggling home-schooling and work so far, and shares her tips for what has helped.

Hootsuite Inc. : "A little message, just a 'Keep safe,' or a 'Hello, hope you are well,' really does go a long way."

We asked our bloggers how they're staying connected during lockdown. Here's what they said.

Hootsuite Inc. : Experts share their tips on what you can do if you're anxious about leaving home at the moment.

Hootsuite Inc. : "If you find yourself feeling down during self-isolation, it can be very easy to slip into the mindset that you are alone, but this isn’t the case."

Laura, 21, shares how she's coping on down days in self-isolation.

Hootsuite Inc. : “Online learning might have been a long time coming in higher education, but it’s here to stay.”

Hootsuite Inc. : Our Parents Helpline experts share their tips for dealing with a lack of physical space, parental separation, arguments, aggressive or violent behaviour and domestic abuse in lockdown.

Hootsuite Inc. : Let your fingers do the talking. Text YM to 85258 if you need urgent support with your mental health. #Shout85258

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