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Android : anyways, The Volume is basically a giant hidef VR dome where the background is digitally created in unreal engine and can be controlled by the camera's movements so u get an environment with consistent lighting and perfect parallax.

Android : im the furthest thing from an expert in photography lighting, but the hobbit lighting always felt so obviously CG, just a little bit off. and mando lighting never ever felt off and its been driving me crazy wondering what they did to fix that

Twitter for iPad : it's Friday! you wanna wind down and read some #TheMandalorian fic? well I have some for you!


Din + Migs, Gen, friendship, minor cw for discussion of PTSD

Twitter for iPad : I got a lyre for Christmas so I am very slowly learning how to play it. This isnt perfect but also the instrument only has 10 strings so I had to make Adjustments

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