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Bio for mad I may be, but I will never be convenient (she/her)
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Android : Amplifying this so that everyone knows this Sanskaari Boys face and knows who he is.

His name is Shubham Mishra and he has close to 300K Subscribers on Youtube.

(TRIGGER WARNING: Abusive language, rape threats and racist remarks)…

Android : You are NOT allowed to rape and threaten to rape us.

You are NOT allowed to sexually assault and threaten to do that.

You canNOT say “we respect ladies” and then tell us to “shut up or we will rape you and your mothers on the road”.

Android : An 81 year old political prisoner (that too and undertrial in custody for 22 months!) with rapidly deteriorating health isn't being released on bail to the background sound of cheering masses. This at a time when people accused of henious crimes are being bailed due to Covid19!…

Android : corona worrier I respect women as long as they listen to me, let me have their bodies, respect what I believe in, do household chores, don't have an opinion at all, wear and do stuff I want and like, that's what it translated into.