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iPhone : As much as I hate the leafs and it pains me to say this... they’re super impressive this year, it’s their time to make a serious run for a cup. See what happens come playoff time

iPhone : Once you realize we all have the ultimate duty & responsibility to ourselves to be the best we can regardless of the situation that lies in front of us, that is when your sacrifice will no longer feel like a sacrifice. It will begin to feel more like you are respecting yourself.

iPhone : Adam Reid Bergervin has had a great off season bro. Acquiring Toffoli, Anderson, Allen. Then not to mention the paciorretty for Suzuki and Tatar trade a few years ago 🤷🏻‍♂️

iPhone : Kenny King Yeah really tho, if any goalie gets bumped they’ll just sit around forever lol refs definitely need to be more consistent with these calls. Or nhls video room whichever one made the final decision

iPhone : bewareofbears NHL Not a fair chance when the game should have been over in regulation. Would take a moron to think that goal should have been called off . I now know where you are on the spectrum 👍🏼🤷🏻‍♂️

iPhone : "I get knocked on my ass--I have time to reset, you can't tell me the goalie doesn't have time to reset."--Brendan Gallagher.

iPhone : MURRAY HAS OVER 4 SECONDS TO TRY AND RECOVER AND JUST SITS THERE ON HIS KNEES, worst call I’ve seen in a very long time. Yeah I’m salty…

iPhone : Game shouldn’t have even been gone into extra time then OTT wins in a shootout .... bullshit of a review and overturning of that late 3rd period goal #habs