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iPhone : Me in high school learning not to post political things or opinions online because it could harm job opportunities.

Me in college not caring because I wouldn’t want to work for a company who thinks human rights are a political issue.

iPhone : International students pay the most in tuition with no financial aid. Pouring all this money into the economy to help universities that won’t protect them.

Imagine having to take a class at 3am local time in the middle of a global pandemic with little-to-no internet access.

iPhone : I love seeing shit like this. Hope we are the generation that kills the concept of “professionalism”. People Should be able to be great at their jobs and then live care free (as long as it isn’t harmful) outside of work. Let’s normalize that. twitter.com/_yagirlkenn/st…

iPhone : It's so sad how I'm spending my early 20s dreaming of financial stability like "WOW imagine being able to live in a one bedroom apartment"...... as if that's not the bare fucking minimum we all deserve

iPhone : Unhealed trauma is not an excuse to victimize yourself and treat ppl like ish..no one deserves your bad energy ..do the work and heal

iPhone : Kanye’s announcement is a great reminder that men look at job descriptions and think—“hey, I’m not remotely qualified, but I think I could do that.” Apply for all the jobs, women.