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Twitter Web App : Its been a while since we last gossiped about our favourite programming language. πŸ’”πŸ€·

#Kubernetes #Linux #DevOps #YAML #programming #coding #AWS #Docker #RedHat memenetes

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iPhone : Flashback to Highschool when I didn’t finish my homework but try to convince the teacher that I know something. twitter.com/carolecadwalla…

iPhone : [taking date back to my place]

her: what is this

me: my tree house

her: this is just a regular tree

me: *struggling to climb up* ya but i live in it

iPhone : [blog post title] How I Learnt Go in Only 2 Days

[small print] α΄΅ Κ°α΅ƒα΅ˆ ¹⁡ ʸᡉᡃʳ˒ α΅’αΆ  ᡖʳᡒᡍʳᡃᡐᡐᢦⁿᡍ α΅‰Λ£α΅–α΅‰Κ³αΆ¦α΅‰βΏαΆœα΅‰