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iPhone : See? The rich make the case for prison abolition *for themselves* all the time (and often get it), incl for systemic violence, yet are never deemed “radical.”

It’s only “radical left” when we ask our legal system to treat normal people 1/10000th of the way it treats the wealthy.…

iPhone : “First black” anything in 2020 is embarrassing and truly shows the racism in which the institution was built on and most importantly, tried to maintain.

iPhone : Over 100,000 mail ballots in Californias primary were rejected — about 25% for signature mismatches:

▪️This most often impacts people w/ disabilities, trans people and non-native English speakers, says ACLU
▪️Black, Latinx ballots 3X more likely to be rejected, studies show

iPhone : we live in a culture that exalts romantic monogamous love, but what are the relationships that have taught us the most about vulnerability? how to love deeply? how to trust? how to adventure? I promise you the answer will always be your closest friendships.

iPhone : Biden at a fundraiser today:
“Americans made tremendous sacrifices, living under lockdowns, laid off from their jobs. We sacrificed to buy the government time ... Donald Trump wasted that time.”

iPhone : The protests never stopped. The news just stopped covering it.

Protests are still happening, even in Tennessee. These people aren't going anywhere because the problem is in their communities, in their homes. They're fighting for change, even if reporters don't cover it.…

iPhone : “Chernobyl” came out just over a year ago, and a popular center-right talking point was that it showed how communist misgovernance inevitably leads to preventable mass casualties (up to 16,000 deaths across Europe have been traced to that disaster). Anyway, just thinking out loud

iPhone : SAY HER NAME!!
Oluwatoyin Salau
Janet Wilson
Breonna Taylor
Sandra Bland
Tanisha Anderson
Dominique Rem’mie Fells
Riah Milton
Dominique Clayton
Michelle Cusseaux
Mya Hall
Rekia Boyd
Yvette Smith
Pamela Turner
Atatiana Jefferson
Miriam Carey

iPhone : Hi Twitter.

Literally everyday I see #COVID19 misinformation. Loads of it.

Like blatant, gonna kill people stupidity and lies.

But I’ve got nowhere to report it.

Can you do something about that?


ER doc treating #COVID19 & public health professional