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iPhone : im bummed that my bf can’t come in my for my prenatal appointments. but he’s driven me to every single appointment and is always waiting for me in the car when im done. then takes us to get ice cream after. i love these moments between us:)

iPhone : I never seriously dated another ndn until now bc I knew it was a toxic dating circle. Girls messaging your man just bc it gives them some twisted satisfaction. Or guys hitting you up knowing you’re in a relationship. It’s fucking stupid. Like go to therapy and leave couples alone

iPhone : Sometimes you gotta just let shit go. Not worth explaining because if they believe it then they’re just as shitty as the person telling them. Trash takes out itself.

iPhone : ive never sunburned in my entire life before. i could be out in the sun all day and just get a nice tan. then i get pregnant and i go boating one day and i get burned. idk if that is it but im blaming it on it lmao😂

iPhone : Lol who hates on a pregnant lady and an unborn child. how ugly can you get. really shows your character more than mine. once a skank always a skank😂

iPhone : my favorite times of the day is when my bf talks to our baby. especially in the morning and at night. at night we’ll just lay in bed and he’ll talk about how excited he is❤️