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iPhone : Maybe the Govt should ask themselves whether they are prepared to look into the eyes of the many millions of people who are suffering from their lockdown policy - which *is* 100% their responsibility. 2/2

iPhone : Luke Brown Ioan Edward chloe You might want to have another look at ons numbers. December 2020 deaths were 6,500 above the average. December 2014 were 7,200 above the average. You just weren’t panicking in 2014 because you weren’t told to

iPhone : Luke Brown Ioan Edward chloe December 2014 vs December 2020 not to mention the inflated covid deaths thanks to a useless pcr test and the fact that doctors can put Covid as the cause without a test if they suspect it. You’re welcome

iPhone : Luke Brown Ioan Edward chloe 🦋 Compare total deaths to total deaths? In that case the flu has killed millions more than covid has. And no the nhs doesn’t need more funding it just needs to stop throwing away the money it gets

iPhone : Luke Brown Ioan Edward chloe 🦋 December deaths WITH covid are below the monthly average between December and March 14/15. The only reason we’re locked inside is this flu has a better marketing team. The nhs hasn’t been fit for purpose for years and we’ve never been told when we are and aren’t allowed outside

iPhone : Luke Brown Ioan Edward chloe It would have been worse without lockdown 🤔 is that why deaths WITH covid were barely touching double figures a day in the summer when we were most relaxed?

iPhone : Ioan Edward chloe 🦋 Can you read? 14/15 excess deaths were over 11,000 per month. Deaths within a month of an unreliable pcr test are below 8,000 per month

iPhone : chloe 🦋 The number of deaths within 28 days of a positive test is comfortably lower per month than the number of excess deaths in the 14/15 flu season. You just didn’t care because the media didn’t tell you to