randall’s 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓾𝔁 tale. (@_randuhl )

randall’s 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓾𝔁 tale.

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iPhone : Sen. Bernie Sanders says Senate should use 51-vote reconciliation threshold to pass $2,000 checks, $600 unemployment benefits, state and local funding, 12 weeks of paid leave, universal pre-K, tuition-free college, cancel student debt and $15 minimum wage.

iPhone : that made me remember

i’ve been a nurse for 7 years this month cuz i passed nclex end of january

time flies! i remember being so scared i failed nclex i made my homegirl check my results while i checked hers..and we both passed & got our dream jobs 🥲

iPhone : Uh uh! Keep Unbreakable and Discipline’s names out your mouth with this disrespect.

Now 20 Y.O, not much I can do for good sis. 🥴 twitter.com/noguava/status…

iPhone : Hey Disability Twitter in particular: looking for grocery delivery alternatives to Instacart?

Let's share ideas here so hopefully people have options for affordable grocery delivery that doesn't involve crossing a picket line twitter.com/verge/status/1…

iPhone : Wow. Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson were big names in my house & life as someone who played softball a majority of it. Meeting him while working on 42 was def a highlight. RIP twitter.com/cbs46/status/1…

iPhone : It's 2005. Cherish just dropped Do It To It. The Clipse released Mr. Me Too to get at Lil Wayne. The Step Up Soundtrack with Give It Up To Me by Sean Paul and Get Up by Ciara is out.

Good times twitter.com/defpen/status/…