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iPhone : Current US unemployment rates:

11.2% Black men
9.0% Black women
8.2% Hispanic women
7.8% Hispanic men
5.9% White men
5.4% White women

iPhone : If the November pace of job growth continues, it will take *more than three years* before we recover all the jobs lost in the spring.

iPhone : The U.S. labor market added 245k jobs last month when the country remains down 10 million from February. This is brutal 👇🏼


iPhone : But the most disturbing thing is that we are adding fewer and fewer jobs each month. Slowing job growth is a disaster when you are 11.6 million jobs in the hole. *This* is not the shape of recovery we want to be seeing right now. 4/

iPhone : The only appropriate response to this jobs report is anger and frustration. People have been screaming their heads off that this was coming.

iPhone : The jobs hole remains very, very deep. Today, the U.S. economy still has a greater jobs deficit than was the case at the very worst point of every previous postwar recession, including the Great Recession

iPhone : A growing number of people have been unemployed for months and/or permanently laid off.

Permanent layoffs:
Nov: 3.7 million (up from 1.3 million in Feb.)

Long-term unemployed (over ~6 months)
Nov: 3.9 million (up from 1.1 million in Feb.)

Long-term unemployed rose 385k in Nov

iPhone : BREAKING: The US added back 245,000 jobs in November, the slowest pace yet and a red flag that momentum is waning.

The unemployment rate fell to 6.7% (similar to 2014 levels).

Overall ~56% of jobs lost in the spring have returned.


iPhone : “More than 200,000 Indian farmers and their supporters have occupied the streets for days in protest against three new agriculture reform laws, blocking major highways into the capital city and vowing to remain camped there until the laws are repealed.” vox.com/2020/12/2/2172…

iPhone : Politicians and corporations sent good-paying union jobs in the Black community overseas.

Then they blamed us for crime.

So they sent us cops when we needed jobs.

It was all built on a lie.

They made the US the number one jailer in the world.

No more lies.

Stay focused. twitter.com/CNNnewsroom/st…

Twitter Web App : Official Response From NEA Member, My Mother to Education Secretary Developments in Transition Playbook: twitter.com/AlxThomp/statu…

Twitter Web App : The turn away from Arne Duncans pro-charter and privatization ideology under President Obama toward public education and teachers unions is one of the most important and yet least discussed developments in the Democratic Party.

Twitter Web App : .Justice Democrats put Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush in Congress this cycle for about $2 million. So if you’d like to see more of that go ahead and donate here: secure.actblue.com/donate/justice… twitter.com/rpyers/status/…