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Heyyo! Im just a random gal who draws stuff once a century! ノ(・ω・)ノ🎨🖌

Location in the depths of the ocean. :)
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Twitter Web App : came back from the dead just to post this #lumity #toh #theowlhouse #animation

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Twitter Web App : Not trying to hide anything or be ambiguous, but again, your sexuality is your business and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

Twitter Web App : if someone wants to ship us because for one reason or another them picturing us dating makes them happier, then why do you care, and why should I care? who cares. I’m glad that the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe enjoying mine and my friends content, that’s it!

Twitter Web App : I joke with my friends because I’m comfortable within my sexuality and so are they. There’s lots of LGBTQ+ members on the SMP, and even in the Dream Team. I have no need to “profit” off of “pretending to date George”, we’re not dating and have no plans to, and we’ve said that

Twitter Web App : When I’m unhappy with a drawing, I try to remind myself that were always our harshest critics and that theres definitely going to be someone who looks at our art from a very different perspective and enjoys it for reasons we sometimes cant even think of ourselves!

Twitter Web App : school assignment

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Twitter Web App : I cant get enough of the betas. 😌
#theowlhouse #theowlhousefanart

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