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Android : MILESTONE: Sid has now also unlocked countertops, via intelligence and agility

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Android : Hey, remember when the Panama Papers were released and they showed how basically every wealthy person on the planet was avoiding taxes by offshoring their money and nothing was done about it except the reporter who broke the story was murdered with a car bomb?

Android : If the NYT story is "fake news," Trump can prove it by releasing just one page of his 2016 and '17 returns, that critical last page of Form 1040 that includes his signature and total tax paid.

One page, & he could thoroughly humiliate the media. He won't, and we all know why.

Android : Trump’s tax returns tell us that he's either a very bad businessman or a tax cheat—likely both.

But more importantly, it shows how the wealthy, unlike most Americans, are able to avoid paying taxes.

The top 1% is responsible for 70% of unpaid taxes.

It's time to tax the rich.

Android : Today makes 5 years together with Astes which is crazy to me. For all the shit we give each other, I couldn't ask for a better partner. As much as you guys know Corey as this daunting cleave lord, he is always going to be my sweet lil booger even if he hates me saying it🖤🖤🖤

Android : In the United States, teachers can only deduct up to $250 a year of the money they personally spend on school supplies, despite the average spend being more than double that. Meanwhile, Trump deducted over $70,000 in hair styling costs.