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Bio CEO @fusionmediasvs agency, Bicycle Mayor for #Coventry and Co-founder @runningchannel. Proud dad of twin boys. Wants to get more people cycling and walking.
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iPhone : Lisa It’s a cultural blind spot, in my view. 🙂 Cycling is statistically safer per km than walking, and we don’t ask people walking to wear helmets. I imagine they see a lot of car in car collisions but don’t ask people to “drive safely next time” as crashes are seen as inevitable.

Twitter Web App : So, 16% of adults in England have cycled in the last week, according to Sport England. Long may it continue (but, never forget, it will only continue if we build safe cycling infrastructure).

iPhone : When lockdown is over, I’d like to go for a pint with the lovely folk at Surrey’s Road Policing Unit. We’re lucky to have people in authority talking so much sense.…

iPhone : Trey Webb Yes, not so unusual to see in London. Where I live in Warwickshire, the diversity and number of new cyclists is very noticeable. And nearly all existing cyclists wear helmets, so I guess it stands out more.

iPhone : James Avery I hate this bit of road. Warwickshire unfortunately do not operate at the same standards as WMP. I generally send a follow up to in a week or so and ask for the outcome.

iPhone : Sara Kalvala I think the campaign should probably be space reallocation for people-focused transport. More space for pedestrians and people on bikes, so new cyclists don’t feel so intimidated by cars they feel they have no choice but to use the pavement.

iPhone : I saw probably 100 people on bikes this AM, many newcomers. Around 65% of them weren’t wearing helmets.

This is really promising. It shows that cycling felt like a normal thing to do for them, without special equipment. In the current environment, it felt safe enough for them.

iPhone : Tactical urbanism question: in areas where local authorities are slow to adopt or allow parklets, would there be anything legally stopping you building one on top of a flat bed trailer in parking spaces? (Presume public liability insurance is secured)