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iPhone : US age-adjusted death rate from 1900 w/2020 est. 1916-18 pandemic is very visible. 1957 pandemic US deaths adjusted for population growth would have been ~200,000. 1968 pandemic US deaths adj. for population growth: ~165,000. No economic shutdown, no school closures, life went on

iPhone : The CDC is raising their IFR estimate to 0.65%

The problem is they don't use any data after April.

Which means they're ignoring T-cell cross resistance

And likely missing many mild outbreaks that didn't attract scientific attention


iPhone : Roughly 150,000 people die each day. You should be aware of this as a clinician. The risk of #SARSCoV2 death in children is negligible, relative to many other causes of death. twitter.com/DrHarryThomas/…

iPhone : All around the world cases are rising among the young; it’s not just the US.

So how does Japan respond to increasing cases among the young and highest new cases since April?

“We have plenty of healthcare capacity. Let’s restart baseball WITH FANS.”


iPhone : Children have to go back to school soon if we hope to avoid major long-term societal damage and further inequality. Young children are at no risk and play a tiny role in #SARSCoV2 transmission. European countries reopened schools in May with no uptick in cases (e.g. Switzerland). twitter.com/DrMStiegler/st…

iPhone : “A major teachers union is claiming that the re-opening of schools cannot occur without several substantial policy provisions, including a ‘moratorium’ on charter schools and the defunding of local police.”

Yet, they claim they are only COVID concerned.

iPhone : “Florida health officials appear to have inflated recent record coronavirus case numbers there by as much as 30%, according to an analysis of data released by the state's Department of Health.”


iPhone : #Sweden - #Mortality deaths per months 1980-2020

I think its like a severe flu season
Professor Johan Giesecke

(update, putting all charts into one single pinned thread )

iPhone : “It's a stark warning. When it moves to purple, we got real problems and we need to address them." Mike DeWine

wlwt.com/amp/article/we… pic.twitter.com/0FawP6NWgc

Twitter Web App : We will see how LA and MayorOfLA feel about lockdowns as this damage flushes out.


Twitter Web App : This isn't about evidence; its an agenda.

"One of the most widespread articles of recent months comes from the world’s most respected newspaper and is about Sweden. Much of the article is, however, distorted – to Sweden’s detriment."


iPhone : Helicopter children.

“But others have taken a more relaxed attitude, engaging in behavior that fills their middle-aged children with terror, for both their parents’ health and their own.”

Twitter Web App : A more accurate picture of unemployment.

Nearly 1/3 in April.


iPhone : The growth in Texas COVID hospitalizations appears to be showing a plateauing trend. Heres the daily growth rate of hospitalizations statewide; you can see that the percentage growth rate appeared to peak around 6/25 and has meaningfully declined since. (1/3)