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iPhone : sorry I don’t tweet like everybody else. i’m a bad tweeter who doesn’t get it. That’s right I know. And Correct. And now cake, I don’t wanna know anymore cause very few of these things have brought me joy

iPhone : 🎶🎵i’m pussy vagina and i’m here to say, the constitution was written today🎶🎵

iPhone : dreamt of a day when we all had healthcare and then I woke up with drool on my pillow 🤪👁

iPhone : I don’t know why all these racists have a problem with all these black and brown folks. is it cause they’re cooler than you?

iPhone : replying to my own tweets summarizing the one answer that answers the majority of the replies i’m getting in a snarky way even tho I don’t have any replies

iPhone : politics is knowing that many of the ‘folks’ that say they love you are lying through their god damned brittle teeth

iPhone : tucker carlson’s top writer is stephen miller stop it already with this it’s just politics people