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Android : Lindaluvinlife Scott Adams Really? I'd be surprised to see the majority of liberals publicly endorsing Antifa's destructive and counterproductive behavior. Conservatives just use Antifa the same way liberals use white supremacists. It's ridiculous.

Android : NailSalonLawyer Scott Adams No. I don't know. None of the liberals I know espouse the virtues of Antifa. Just as I'm going to take the high road and assume none of the conservatives you know support white supremacists. Antifa is deemed destructive to the liberal agenda and to state otherwise is silly. Fool!

Android : John Berg πŸ’™ Scott Adams Are you implying that one can't be a conservative and also be racist or fascist or xenophobe etc.? I'm pretty sure a liberal can be any of those things as well as any conservative is. I'm not sure anyone wants to see the type of destruction that antifa is causing.

Android : Scott Adams I'm not sure that anyone except the right sees it from this perspective. It seems the right has tried to create a connection between the left and Antifa and the left is condemning them.

Android : Scott Adams Is it possible to be utterly persuaded by your thoughts on filters, self-improvement, the simulation theory and the Trump phenomenon of changing the way perceive reality and still not be persuaded to support Trump. I just can't seem to like the guy... Where am I getting snagged?

Android : Scott Adams I work as a PA in a suburban ED. Anecdotally, I had two patients who had been taking hydroxychloroquine for lupus and both tested positive for COVID-19, both required admission and supplemental oxygen. That doesn't mean it doesn't work... Just interesting.

Android : Staffing companies backed by private equity are
❌ cutting physician pay,
❌ lying about doing it, and
❌ retaliating against clinicians who speak up.

Elizabeth Warren and I are calling out those who put profit margins ahead of our frontline healthcare workers.

Android : Helene Wecker Love having it to look forward to. You and Mr. Guidall both brought such amazing characters to life. Will be sharing with my book club, you've created a bunch of fans and I wish you much success!