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Education, Progress and Democracy!

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Android : In Indias independence movement,
Indians defied draconian colonial sedition laws to assert freedom of speech.
Today, the same laws are being used to silence free speech.

Android : Indigo Rebellion of the 1860s
Against Forced Commercialisation of Agriculture in Bengal!

Resist Corporate Take Over of Todays Agriculture!

Android : On Independence Day 1947, freedom fighters hoped India would awake to life and freedom.

On Independence Day 2020, is India on the brink of awakening to a new phase of bondage and fascism?

On 15 Aug 2020, resolve to fight for #FreedomFromFascism

Android : Santhal Rebellion of 1856 against Colonial Loot, for Right of Adivasis on Jal, Jangal, Zamin!

Strengthen the Struggle to End Todays Loot of Natural Resources!

Stop Displacing Adivasis Over Right to Their Land and Environment!

Android : Under the British we were enslaved.
On 15 Aug we hoped we won the
- Freedom to speak
- Freedom to question our govt
- Freedom to protest
- Freedom to dissent
Today, all those who defend those freedoms are being jailed.

Android : This stained light, this night-bitten dawn;
This is not that long-awaited day break;
This is not the dawn in whose longing,
We set out...
- Faiz

Fascism isnt the destination for which the freedom fighters set out.
Inspired by freedom fighters, fight for #FreedomFromFascism

Android : Professors in prison.
Students in prison.
Lawyers in prison.
Farmers leaders in prison.
Workers leaders in prison.
Journalists in prison.
Minorities in prison.
Democracy in prison.
Is this the freedom of which India dreamed on 15 Aug 1947?

Android : In Indias freedom struggle, farmers fought for sovereignty over their own fields, seeds, crops.
Today the Modi regime is selling that sovereignty, tying farmers to corporate slavery.

Android : Save constitution!
Save Democracy!!

This 15th August On Independence Day Observe Pledge Day

◆ To resist saffronisation, commercialization and privatization of education through NEP 2020

◆ To resist and fight back the attack on the democracy


Android : Save constitution!
Save Democracy!!

This 15th August On Independence Day Observe Pledge Day

◆ To Resist Sale of Education and Reject Loan based education model promoted by NEP 2020

◆ To protect the independence and sovereignty of our country


Android : Stop Witch-Hunting of Academicians and Activists!

NIA has called DU Professors Rakesh Ranjan and P K Vijayan to questioning in relation to Bhima Koregaon case!


Android : Stand in Solidarity with Prof. #PKVijayan!

Hands Off Our Professors!

Prof. PK Vijayan is an eminent scholar and one of the foremost progressive voicesh of DU. He have relentlessly stood with the students and larger democratic movement.


Android : ऑनलाइन शिक्षा को बढ़ावा देना बंद करो! यह भेदभावकारी है!

NEP रदद् करो!


Android : NEP का 'बहुमुखी निकास द्वार' असल में वंचित तबके के छात्रों को शिक्षा से बाहर धकेलने की साज़िश है!


Android : Students Say No to NEP 2020 promotion of Grade Inequality and Institutionalisation of Drop-outs in the name of Multiple Entry/Exit 4 year graduation programme.