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Android : 📰#Money Lego: #DeFi made in #China

- DeFi used to be a niche concept in China. Among the gazillion crypto-centric #WeChat groups formed daily, very few were DeFi-themed
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Twitter Web App : Langsung.. bisa di cek profilenya username RipS twitter.com/Goenawan35/sta… pic.twitter.com/NyjUbuOfQy

Twitter Web App : A few days ago, I just decided to join #socialmining 2key - Reinventing the Link community

At the beginning I was confused
How to create #2key wallet ?
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Android : There are 2 protocols importants in #DeFi to borrow #crypto.

Compound Labs and dYdX are two ways to do it in a secured way.

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Twitter Web App : Hi! This link contains a campaign that I think is relevant to you and is part of an innovative network that rewards everyone who shares it! Check it out- 2key.me/Dydx3MinuteGui…

Android : 🔥CoinGecko Weekly #Crypto Trending List

✅Weve added the ranking movement comparison to the last weekly list. Now you can track how the top 30 list is evolving each week on CoinGecko which assets are on the rise

Android : 📰#Crypto social media platform Voice finally launches on #EOS

🔸 #blockchain-based social media #platform launched on EOS today
🔸The platform known as Voice will reward users for quality content, and aims to create a "transparent" social media platform


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Android : Welcome to Symbol from NEM. Learn all about technical feature 5 - Cost control on Symbol.

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Android : We want to warn the community about the neminvest.cc” scammer site. NEM doesnt offer any investment plans. Please be vigilant and keep your coins safe.

NEM official site: nem.io

Android : .Art&Co #Covid19ReliefArt., the world's largest online auction for charities will host an online event on June 25 with top Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper. #LuxTag was chosen to record the upcoming sales & distribution of funds on the NEM Blockchain. Read more here: bit.ly/Tim-Draper-key…

Android : Counterfeit wine is a major problem in China with estimates ranging over 50% of bottles priced $35 and over as being fake. Symbol Blockchain technology can virtually eliminate cases of fraud in the wine industry. Find out how: symbolplatform.com/latest/elimina…