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iPhone : #Vanessaguillen was stuffed into a pelican case & then dumped in a field where someone poured concrete all over her body. I’m angry because I know 100s of Vanessa Guíllens & they deserve more. We deserve more.

iPhone : This month: I drove across the country, to see firsthand the next generation of American civil unrest. In Washington: hope. In Baltimore: a new uprising. In Philly: a similar pain. “They got one more chance,” a man said. “Or they’ll feel the Fear of God” theringer.com/2020/6/29/2130…

iPhone : “Jefferson County — the state’s largest, home to 767,000 residents and the city of Louisville — will have (one) polling location ... About 1 in 5 residents in the county is African American, the largest black population in the state.” washingtonpost.com/politics/kentu…

Twitter Web App : I also found this photo of Patrick, who served in the Union Army. He and his wife, Henrietta, had 7 children. Frederick and Sarah had 8 -- which is why there are Ambushes all over Frederick. Happy Juneteenth ✊🏽

Twitter Web App : Later as free men, brothers Frederick and Patrick founded the black community of Pleasant View, near Frederick, MD around 1869. Ive never seen slave records for any of my family members until today. Heres a record for Robert (51) and Patrick (22).

Twitter Web App : This is a slave record for Frederick (24), for ownership by a man named Hezekiah Trundle. The date handwritten on the left is 1867. Fredericks wife, Sarah Ellen Jackson, had also been a slave. Their son, Joseph, was my great-great grandfather.

Twitter Web App : My ancestors on my Nana's side came to Frederick, Maryland in the late 1860s from Montgomery County, where they were slaves. The furthest we can trace back is to Robert Ambush, born in 1803, died in 1905, and his two sons, Frederick and Patrick.

iPhone : NEW: George Floyd protests “moved our work forward by leaps and bounds.” Police-policy overhauls seem to be happening overnight, but behind the measures is a network of activist groups that have for years lobbied local governments.

w/Arian Campo-Flores wsj.com/articles/black…

iPhone : I wrote about the two Brooklyn lawyers now facing a minimum of 45 years of prison for burning an empty NYPD car dashboard during the protests. Case is clearly becoming less about the incident than about the Trump administration sending a political message: theintercept.com/2020/06/19/bro…