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iPhone : We blame kids when sentencing them to life in prison, and we absolve the leaders and structures that failed those same kids when they were asking for help.

iPhone : This is how Senator Krysten Sinema (D), who makes a $174,000 base salary (paid for by us, taxpayers) voted against a $15 minimum wage...

iPhone : Today I talked to a man who’s currently serving a 127-year life sentence, of which 70 years is gun enhancement time. The fact that someone can even be sentenced to that much time is reason alone to throw out the whole damn system. #AbolitionNotReform

iPhone : #BREAKING New polling reveals that a majority of victims of violent crime in LA County feel the criminal justice system failed them in their time of need & that justice system resources should be invested in crime prevention, not incarceration.

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iPhone : It’s so manipulative how police, district attorneys & so many politicians exclude currently & formerly incarcerated ppl as being victims/survivors—no matter how much violence they have suffered. Interesting how it’s up to them to strategically approve who a victim/survivor is.

iPhone : My biggest pet peeve is when people say “the system is broken”. This system was *literally* designed to function exactly as it is now. Saying it’s broken ignores the reality that political decision making built mass incarceration in the first place and let’s folks off the hook.

iPhone : Let’s keep this conversation going. Restoring the voting rights of 5.2 million Americans is key to building a democracy that represents everyone.

We need to begin our work with those who have the least. That includes protecting the rights of people who are incarcerated.…

iPhone : Felon disenfranchisement is a moral absurdity that exposes how dishonest the entire system is at every step. They say we need to prosecute + lock ppl up so they can pay their debt to society + rehabilitate but then deny them the right to vote on the governing of that society? 1/

iPhone : Here is the state of the Democratic Party today: a whopping 119 DEMOCRATS just voted AGAINST restoring voting rights to people in prison. Congress Member Cori Bush heroically tried to add this provision to HR 1. Her own party failed her. We still have so much to teach Democrats.

iPhone : Sentencing laws and jail or prison time don’t “prevent” crime. Incarceration is a response AFTER harm is committed. The thought of incarceration as “prevention” is absolutely illogical.

iPhone : I’ve dealt firsthand with law enforcement and the legal system since I was a teenager. I’ve been in federal prison, state prison, & too many county jails to count. Yet some policy makers are skeptical when I talk about solutions 1/