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Bio I live in Edinburgh and my hobbies include arranging my CDs in alphabetical order, discovering new and exotic whiskies, sheep-spotting and flying my kite.
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Twitter Web App : But we've got a deal.
He told us we had a deal.
"It's oven ready," he said.
Surely he wasn’t lying through his teeth to win an election.
Not cuddly old Boris.
Surely not.…

Twitter Web App : Oliver's role as president of the National Trust for Scotland has long been an embarrassment but is now utterly untenable and shames our country.…

Twitter Web App : As Scotland moves towards near-total elimination of the #Covid19 virus and a cautious re-opening of our economy and society, we should heed the message from New Zealands Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

Twitter Web App : A 13-year-old Rees-Mogg sporting a monocle.
Theres a want aboot thon laddie, as my sainted Scottish granny would have said.

Twitter Web App : Johnson is urging folk to "act responsibly", which is a bit like Hannibal Lecter suggesting we should all go vegan.…

Twitter Web App : Rees-Mogg, eh? If you had to distil into one personage the English people’s gibbering historical deference to terrible ideas advanced by low-to-middlebrow post-feudal shitlords who openly detest them, this plastic aristocrat would be it.…

iPhone : Snowfake Deryck De McBoomer Rubbish. Scotland had *no* national debt of its own at the time – the Darien Scheme was *entirely* privately funded and the payment from England of £398,000 (‘the Equivalent’) was used solely as compensation for Darien investors, many of whom then voted for Union.

iPhone : The Act of Union between Scotland and England was signed in what is now the ladies’ loos in the basement of Bella Italia just off the High Street, Edinburgh.…

Twitter Web App : Also Starkey:
The Scottish flag is like the Swastika;
SNP’s view of the English is like Hitler’s hatred of Jews;
SNP supporters are "incapable of recognising this is National Socialism";
Scots who "bare their knees" recall the traditional dress of Germany.…