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Twitter Web App : Given how powerful senior administration posts are, I'm really heartened to see a ton of movement mobilization for and against certain candidates. It might not be the liberal ideal of deliberative procedure. But in the system we have, this is a form of democratic action.

Twitter Web App : Just in case anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise: we absolutely need to win a Green New Deal this decade

Twitter Web App : We're in a moment of unimaginable social, economic, and climate emergency rn. So many lives are at stake.

And there are ppl who've done very well, who are very secure rn, who are taking the time to attack the young ppl putting everything on the line to make things better.


TweetDeck : I’m so pleased to report I am, once again, singing about induction stoves and the Green New Deal.

"But if public housing authorities were to make bulk purchases of new appliances, they could transform the market for energy-efficient stoves," Cohen says.


iPhone : Now would be a nice time for Biden appointees to say they don't support an All of the Above energy strategy, I think twitter.com/UNEP/status/13…

iPhone : You gotta hear Elis Regina perform Águas de Março on Brazilian public TV in the mid-70s. Just beautiful.

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TweetDeck : There's a rumor that a v senior historian tells his grad students to wake up each day, put a couple books on the table, and just make it work. Idk if that's good advice.

But I think my goal now is to get there on climate: every day, wake up, find a way to move something forward.

iPhone : There is still time to register for todays Urban Research Seminar featuring Daniel Aldana Cohen in a talk titled Follow the Carbon: Housing and Climate Change in the Age of the Green New Deal. Tune in at noon!

Register and learn more here: ow.ly/7B4h50CAEuJ

Twitter Web App : Today is #WorldAIDSDay, when we remember the tens of thousands in Chicago & tens of millions around the world who are living w HIV or have died of AIDS. Here's my latest in Scientific American on our many pandemics. I'll be on Democracy Now! later in the hour to discuss scientificamerican.com/article/world-…

Twitter Web App : It's also a sign that left movements are flexing their muscles, and with some effect.

(No I'm not declaring victory. Just registering an encouraging surprise, esp if this message continues.)

Twitter Web App : "Biden readies major stimulus push" and I'm perking up again.

The politics of (green) stimulus are soooo much better than the politics of austerity.


Twitter Web App : Anika Singh Lemar What many ppl conveniently forget is that there's also supply and demand for investment vehicles, from shareholders all over the world. And that is a major force in shaping housing markets (among many others, besides consumer demands).

Twitter Web App : Anika Singh Lemar I support increasing supply. I support massive increases to subsidized, below-market supply. None of this works if one doesn't understand that housing is utterly unlike normal commodities. (Is a foodstuff lobby the biggest lobby in US? No, it's real estate.)

iPhone : There aren’t bread speculators, bread bubbles, investment breads, etc.

Housing is not a normal commodity. twitter.com/greg_shill/sta…