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Twitter Web App : When you play an instrument through #Zoom, it thinks the high-frequency sounds from your instrument are feedback and eliminates them, so the music cuts in and out. Here's how to fix it.

Twitter Web App : Grocery workers did not sign up for enforcing public health measures in a pandemic. They aren't paid enough for that, frankly. It's the same reason bus drivers will tell you they don't enforce fares on hostile passengers -- because they will get assaulted for it.…

Twitter Web App : Here’s a new blog post by Paul Brunet and me about diagrammatic representations of compilers.…

Twitter Web App : Republicans are publicly saying full steam ahead with their convention, but a half-dozen people familiar with the planning say there are discussions about paring it down. Annie Karni and me…

Twitter Web App : i'm trying to think of how to make this feel more real. new york has ~13,000 intersections with traffic signals citywide across the five boros, according to the DOT. imagine one or two bodies in each of these intersections. that's how many people have died of covid here.

Twitter Web App : Software Engineers: at some point during this next week, some of you may make changes to production code or infrastructure.

This thread is for you.

Twitter Web App : The flood of articles offering “Quick tips for controlling your Covid anxiety” makes me nervous. After 30 years treating patients in one of the first specialty clinics devoted to anxiety disorders, I should have super advice, right? Not really, but here are 6 observations.

Twitter Web App : Sort of a revival of HyperCard, except when you flip the cards the other side is a portal to Cthulhu

Twitter Web App : On the left: Didier Raoult, the rogue French doctor responsible for the idea that hydroxychloroquine can treat coronavirus

On the right: Harold Bornstein, Trumps (former) personal physician

These are, allegedly, different people.

Twitter Web App : Enormous whirlpools are not simply the work of overactive imaginations. There are several spots in the world, including Japans Naruto Strait, that regularly see these spectacular vortices.…

Twitter Web App : Suggested Python Type Annotations via GitHub Actions using Machine Learning (commit suggestions) from Miltos Allamanis 🇪🇺…

📢 A great example of using ML w/Actions and 🚀 cool products for the community.


Twitter Web App : Try out a GitHub action prototype stemming from Typilus our PLDI 2020 paper Joint work with Earl T Barr S. Ducousso, Z. Gao #MLonCode Feedback and contributions are always welcome!…

Twitter Web App : 🚨I wrote a new piece about the Patchwork Pandemic--not one crisis but many interconnected ones playing out in very different ways across the country, making things harder to predict, control, or come to terms with. The piece has three parts. 1/…