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Alex Griendling, aspiring luddite

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Twitter Web App : Got maced, beaten with a baton, had my hands ziptied, and got sent in a boiling hot paddywagon to a crowded Queens Central Booking cell for participating in a 100% peaceful protest in the Bronx tonight.

I am fine. What I saw the cops do tonight was fucking terrifying.

Twitter Web App : Fuck cops. Disbanding them is a start, but then I don't even know how we reintegrate a group of such tribalistic, racist, violent, and self-serving people who are this far gone.

Twitter Web App : I wont share the video because its vile. But theres a video all over time my timeline of Buffalo police shoving an elderly man to the ground, afterwards the man appears to be bleeding from the head. Heres the statement the police released.

Twitter Web App : A good read, especially for those unfamiliar with Minneapolis politics. The fish rots from the head.…

Twitter Web App : I discussed this LIVE yesterday on AIGA's instagram but I want to reiterate exactly WHY this type of action from white people is not at all helpful to the Black community right now 👇 I was going to let it go but rn I have the time.…

Android : Even if you think it's good for your audience to read "counter-arguments," you still wield curatorial authority. Institutional or personal bias prevents plenty of arguments from getting space on your editorial page. There is no excuse to give credibility to fascist arguments.…

Twitter Web App : Putting this out there: I'm a writer. I'm a black man. I have things to say, but few connections. I've written for The Atlantic, USA TODAY, Quartz, & others.

My work & contact:

If you’re an editor that’s serious about publishing black voices, I’m here.

Twitter Web App : Run The Jewels 4 is out now - FREE on our website and avail everywhere you listen to music.


Twitter Web App : #BREAKING: Minneapolis Public Schools votes unanimously to terminate its contract with the Minneapolis Police Department, in response to the death of #GeorgeFloyd.

Twitter Web App : We’re officially past curfew out here in front of the White House and the protest has not shrunk one bit. This is the biggest crowd my colleagues and I have seen all week. Instead of deterring them, the aggressive police tactics of yesterday seem to have moved many to come out.

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Twitter Web App : I applause the effort to recall Mike Freeman, but I'd like this to also be a reminder that you don't have to recall officials if they don't get elected in the first place. Get involved in local elections.

Knock. Call. Text. There is no longer any excuse to sit out.