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Pink lemonade clouds/Cotton candy blue skies

Bio Mom, WAS an early educator but have been layed off due to Covid-19, artist, wife to the best man EVER, tired of waking up anxious everyday due to tRump.
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Twitter Web App : The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. ~ Orwell 1984…

Twitter Web App : DC Protest now heading to the White House

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Twitter Web App : I beg that each and every individual take a moment to understand the meaning behind Donald J. Trump’s desire to make America great again. His truth is amplified in a passionate and unhinged racist proclamation of violence against people of color. He must be removed from office.…

Twitter Web App : Listen to this. This is the TRUTH about Donald, China, and Covid19.

.jack if this information is not true, mark it so!…

Twitter Web App : ‘‘This is Exactly What Collusion Looks Like’: Attorneys Say Declassified Flynn-Kislyak Docs Confirm Flynn’s Guilt’

Flynn: ‘if we send out 30 guys and you send out 60, you know, or you shut down every Embassy, I mean we have to get this to a — ... even-keeled, okay?’ 1/2

Twitter Web App : Reporters need to stop saying the Trump economy was “strong” before COVID-19. No, it was not strong for 140 million poor & low-income Americans, and COVID-19 exposed how weak it really was.

Twitter Web App : This is what he meant about taking America back to when he thought it was great. When he, his klan father, birther wife, and the rest of the open and closted GOP racists could spit their hate and inflict violence in the open again. #vote 🌊…

Twitter Web App : Senator Kelly Loeffler sold tens of millions of dollars of stock before Covid, & was under investigation by the DOJ.

Her husband then gave a pro-trump pac $1,000,000.

She is no longer under investigation.

This is what corruption on the highest levels of government looks like.

Twitter Web App : The #NM unemployment rate for April was 11.3% -- the highest rate since measurement began in 1976. But the jobless rate was even higher in neighboring AZ, TX and OK, per state data. New Mexico's unemployment rate had been 5% a year ago; it was at 6.3% in March. #nmpol

Twitter Web App : Chicago Mayor Lightfoot had very choice, very specific words for Trump's comments on the murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent protests in Minnesota: "I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump It begins with F and ends with you."…

Twitter Web App : People have managed to toss over the temporary barricades, they’re being pushed back by the Secret Service. More police arriving. Heating up fast outside the White House’s north lawn.

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Twitter Web App : The mayor told reporters, "I will encode what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It's two words: It begins with 'F' and it ends with 'U.'"… via HuffPost Politics

Twitter Web App : Outside of the White House constant echo of “I CANT BREATHE” from protestors in Lafayette Park.

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Twitter Web App : I don't give a crap if George Floyd had full blown heart disease. He did NOT resist, he TOLD them he was unable to breath, they KNEW he lost consciousness.. BS if they don't charge these officers with murder & ALL 4, as they all stood by & let this happen & lied!

Twitter Web App : Glass getting broken outside the main entrance to CNNs Atlanta headquarters; protesters cheer

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Twitter Web App : Why don’t you address real election interference from Russia?…