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iPhone : I'm excited to share this report I authored on disinformation and the upcoming 2020 elections for Right Wing Watch. It analyzes and categorizes the various forms the right's disinformation and propaganda can be expected to take.…

iPhone : This is why so many of us thought it was imperative that Trump be removed from office. We warned that if he got away with using his office to try to rig an election, he would do it again.…

iPhone : I’ll bet no future President will ever hang Trump’s portrait in the White House. It will be impossible to shower even false praise on the most vile of men. His Presidency will be like Chernobyl. Something to be sealed off. A poison to be contained

iPhone : We could very well hit the 100,000 death mark on Memorial Day. Which would be strangely ironic. As many people have died in America in less than 3 months as in a major war, and yet Trump has not acknowledged or recognized their loss in any way, other than as an inconvenience.

iPhone : The Trump DoJ fought hard to preserve secrecy of Flynn-Kislyak transcripts during Flynn trial. And prevailed.…

iPhone : Just remember, there were many Flynn-Kislyak calls in those crucial days at end of December 2016, not only one. In between calls, Flynn spoke often with members of Trump transition team.…

iPhone : This paramedic in UK received a coordinated standing-ovation, round of applause, & heartfelt “thank you” from her neighbors as she leaves her house for another grueling nightmare shift at the hospital.

It brings her to tears. Humanity

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iPhone : BREAKING: Weve lost 90,000 lives to Trumps incompetence.
They cant vote. Will you?

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