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Bio Professor (Computational Linguistics, Saarland University, @LstSaar). Musician (barbershop a cappella, singer, arranger, coach). Twitter newbie.
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iPhone : It’s so fun to see how current NLP models can be fooled by sentences with false presuppositions.…

Twitter Web App : Join us as tenure-track faculty at our department! International applicants very welcome. We are looking for an excellent research record in any area of computational linguistics / #NLProc, after postdoc or potentially right after PhD. Contact me with any questions.…

TweetDeck : Slidelive's automatic subtitling strikes again for #emnlp2020: "My name is Martinez Lindemann, and today I'm going to talk about semantic parsing with, well, tightness guarantees. This is joint work with UNESCO, Auschwitz, and Alexander Column." 🤣

iPhone : Since jsLDA seems to have some traction I want to say a bit about its design goals. These are based on experience teaching ML to a range of experience levels in classes and workshops.…

TweetDeck : Come get your MSc in computational linguistics at Saarland University! Join a very international crowd (2/3 non-German from ~20 countries) of brilliant students. Classes taught in English by internationally renowned faculty. Scholarships available.…

Twitter Web App : (((ل()(ل() yoav)))) (3) Others will stay in research, and our job is primarily to help them solve the problems we can't. Then it's okay that we don't have finished answers for anything. Perhaps you need to teach two classes?

Twitter Web App : (((ل()(ل() yoav)))) (2) I can relate to your frustration, but I suppose it is worth asking why we teach. Some students will go out into the world and do real-life engineering, and they need NLP tools that can get _something_ done, plus perhaps a healthy does of humility towards language.

Twitter Web App : (((ل()(ل() yoav)))) These are excellent questions. Some thoughts: (1) If you can say with any kind of precision why language is hard and what the unsolved problems are, you should teach that not just to your students, but to the community. Everyone needs to hear that.

TweetDeck : Check out our new paper on fast (1-2k tokens/sec on CPU, 10k/sec on GPU) and accurate semantic parsing into graphs! Includes nontrivial, but provably dead-end-free transition system. #emnlp2020


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