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iPhone : Donald J. Trump ∙ 33 million unemployment claims
∙ 1.4 million U.S. coronavirus cases
∙ 85,000 dead in U.S.
∙ Most coronavirus cases in the world
∙ Most new cases in the world today
∙ Most coronavirus deaths in the world
∙ Most new deaths in the world today
∙ Worst president in the world

iPhone : Symptoms of Kawasaki disease have been identified in at least 15 children in New York City hospitals.

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iPhone : Ive had people tweet at me in the past 24 hours:

Did the pandemic playbook really exist?
Was it really a clearly marked playbook?
Would it have helped?

Heres the cover, and the table of contents. You decide.

iPhone : Jeff Bezos is expected to become the 1st trillionaire as he consolidates the retail market during coronavirus.

Now Amazon is telling its workers (who have faced significant risk) that it'll be ending their hazard pay at the end of MAY!

Atrocious greed.…

iPhone : Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested today that schools open cautiously, and said in some places schools should remain closed in the fall. Donald Trump called Fauci's caution on schools reopening "not an acceptable answer," saying, "the schools are going to be open."

Who is right?

iPhone : These people may not become ill with the virus but they may become infectious.
Selfish assholes kill others.
If you just can’t bear six feet of distance, at least wear a mask. It’s not about YOU dummy.
Stop walking around handing out death sentences!

iPhone : After being a federal prosecutor who helped put people like John Gotti in prison, Gleeson later went on to become a federal judge and was the judge who presided over the case against Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street

Trump, Flynn, and Barr are screwed

iPhone : What re-opening the country without having appropriate measures to prevent a resurgence during a pandemic killing ~1.5K a day looks like.

RedHats v COVID19


iPhone : No government or Party is perfect. There will always be mistakes and politics!

But, no matter how hard the Republicans try to smear the Democrats, they have one serious problem ...

They still back Trump!

iPhone : More than 80,000 Americans are dead, more than 30 million are out of work, but Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are primarily focused on peddling conspiracies to defend a guy they fired in the first place.

These people do not give a shit about you.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump says a President’s power is ”absolute”. So even if this absurd conspiracy theory that includes no violation of any statute and makes NO sense whatsoever were true, where’s the beef? Or did he mean only a white President has absolute power. Oh. Ok. I get it.…