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Bio “Not really on social media”, if anyone asks. Sexy Augustus Gloop. Antisocialite. Naomi Elaine Campbell stan. 💕 Crazy untalented. 🤘 “Like, Hot, Dead Eyes”. 👍
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iPhone : there’s a kind of rich girl who puts on a sheer white ribbed tank top and is like “I’m an artist now” and im really happy for her

iPhone : Remember the time Gisele brought her Yoga teacher to a women’s shelter for her Vogue profile and got mad because they were so underwhelmed? Literally obsessed with this woman.…

iPhone : A woman tweeted a picture of Morris Chestnut and said they don’t make men this fine anymore.

A man posted his selfie and said yes they do.

Then, I watched as the replies jumped from 3 to 5 to 12 to

iPhone : She by Sheree (2009)…

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iPhone : Natasha Tynes 🇯🇴🇺🇸 J.K. Rowling You tried to get a woman fired for no reason. You used your platform to do it. If cancel culture exists, that is one of the clearest examples of it.

If as a consequence your publisher decided you were no longer marketable, you should have been prepared for that consequence.

iPhone : A more simplified way to frame what's happening now: This isn't cancel culture. This is consequence culture. And some people hate the sudden accountability while others worry the focus will turn to them because they have much to be accountable for.

iPhone : Cancel culture is when Janet Jackson was banned from the Grammys. MTV & CBS banned her videos/songs from TV & radio because her boob fell out at the Superbowl.

Being held accountable for ur bigotry isnt cancel culture especially when you still get to keep ur career & wealth.