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Bio EM doc and mom of four, encourager, one of Wolverine nation, Korean by love. Founder of Tweets are mine.
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Make your point clear.
Help me hear you.
Don’t be mean.



That’s what I used to say to my sons when they were still early in their language development. I still recall the frustration that would wash over their young faces mid-tantrum.

iPhone : Dan Choi, MD Preston Lewis Anish Koka ...Epidural hematoma, subdural hematoma, STEMI, NSTEMI, pericardial tamponade, incarcerated hernia. appendicitis, cholecystitis, ascending cholangitis, epiglottitis, open globe, ruptures ectopic, ovarian torsion, cool pulseless leg, angioedema, anaphylaxis, GI bleed...

iPhone : Co-signing.
For anyone who has been holding out hope, the administration is declaring: the US is NOT going to turn the tools the federal government has (e.g., the Defense Production Act) to provide HCW & other essential workers with the equipment we need to be safe at work. /1…

iPhone : This is profoundly unwise, but history repeats itself. The same thing happened in 2009 with swine flu: and……

iPhone : Forgot to add Governor Tim Walz Peggy Flanagan

Unfortunately, I just don’t think we can rely on people to choose to do the right thing and protect the vulnerable. Have all those who purposely exposed themselves been strictly isolating at home? We need a mask mandate.…

iPhone : Dr. Glaucomflecken And insurance lobbyists are trying to “solve surprise billing” by giving even more power to insurance companies to defund the emergency care system and the safety net. They are sick of paying for the unfunded EMTALA mandate.……

iPhone : Dr. Glaucomflecken Yes. Networks are used by insurance companies to defraud patients and physicians. It’s part of the insurance company strategy.……

iPhone : Loren Adler It’s a surprise insurance gap.

Networks are made up by insurance companies to make more profit. They know they don’t have to guarantee network adequacy for emergency physician services.……